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Ayfids are female angels who have succumbed to Corruption.


When the Ivory Citadel fell to corruption, none of the inhabitants were spared. These female angels have been twisted into winged abominations that use their bladed wings and talons as deadly weapons. They can also summon dark orbs to use as projectiles.


Ayfids are fast aggressive opponents and will often evade Death's swings before retaliating with a flurry of slashes. Despite their lithe appearance, they are more durable than Corrupted Angels and can use their wings to block attacks. Death Grip can drag them out of the air and leave them vulnerable although they will retaliate with a whirlwind spin when they recover. Death should be especially cautious when facing multiple Ayfids as they will unleash rapid energy blasts whilst he is distracted.


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Ayfid concept art