Also Known As: The Collector
Race Seven Deadly Sins
Gender Male
Size Large
Eyes Red
Means of Travel By Foot
Special Features Greed Embodiment
Affiliation Seven Deadly Sins
Occupation Hoarding
Relatives(s) Seven Deadly Sins (siblings)
Main Weapon Claws

Cow Skull,Fridge

Armor Heavy
Type of Attack Claw Swips

Throwing Junk Junk Hand-Held Weapons Ground Pound Claw Slam

Enemies The Four Horsemen
The Charred Council
Actor Name (en) J.B. Blanc

Avarice, also known as The Collector, is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins that were originally imprisoned by the Four Horseman many centuries before the Apocalypse. However, upon the End War's premature onset and the destruction of humanity, Avarice, along with his brethren, was freed and began to ravage the Earth and threaten the Balance.


A cackling monstrosity of unchecked rapacity, Avarice embodies the very essence of greed. Now free, he adopts a goblin-like appearance, setting about hoarding anything that catches his eye. When threatened, he protects his stockpile with brute strength, laughing all the while.
— Description of Avarice, found on the Darksiders website.
A goblin-like creature, Avarice collects everything that catches his fancy, whether it is worth something or not. All Avarice cares for, is that it belongs in his collection. Avarice has two horns sticking out from his head, a large amount of jewellery and accessories, and a crushing amount of weight piled on his back in the form of random junk he has yet to dump into one of his piles. Among the items in his junk pack are swords, angel wings, gold, and demon limbs.[1][2]


Avarice is equal parts hoarder and kleptomaniac, he neither values nor cares about the items that he steals be they the lives of his enemies, their most valuable possessions or merely random junk he finds lying around; from his viewpoint, everything belongs to him and anyone who disagrees with him usually ends up a part of his twisted collection.


Avarice staked his claim inside of an abandoned museum, filing his collection of random junk taken from humans, Angels and Demons in towers dotting one of the main exhibit halls. He even reanimates the corpses of all the children in the city so that they can guard the museum for him.

Returning from one of his collection missions, he discovers, to his delight, the Horseman Fury inside of his collection hall and immediately plans to add her corpse to his collection.

Despite the embodiment of Avarice's plans and best efforts though Fury still bests him in combat and adds him to her collection inside of the Talisman of Sin.[1]

Powers and Abilities Edit

As with all the Seven Sins, Avarice is retroactively immortal. Being a physical embodiment of what he portrays, the sin of greed can never actually be vanquished. Though his physical body might dissipate he will only recover after a short while before returning to optimum health should he suffer fatalistic inquiry.

Avarice's personal abilities are relativistic amongst many of the celestial beings in the Darksidersverse. Body wise he has superior strength, speed, agility, reflexes, coordination and stamina compared to a common Homo Sapiens.

Having might enough to flail around and weaponize much of his collected baubles within his treasure trove. He can easily hop around and in between his knickknack mountain tops without fear of being unbalanced by the top-heavy burglar sack strapped around his back and shoulders. Something which is decidedly larger and heavier set than he is. As his name suggests, said sin is an expert thief and/or plunderer who can snatch up just about anything he can get his hands on with ease.

Something which was made evident by the impressive haul of priceless riches and art pieces he'd collected over his short sojourn across the ruined world of mankind. The abilities given to him by the Charred Council are a mystery as Avarice showed little to no signs of bolstering in his battle with Fury.

It can be assumed that one of the benefits given to him upon release from the Council's prison was the capability to manipulate the cadavers of reanimated preadolescent humans to serve as his eyes and ears within his territory. Said entities called upon by his power were known as the Children of Avarice; feral and hideously misshapen ghouls who attacks by biting and scratching with sharpened claws and elongated teeth.

Often throwing explosive charges or setting up bomb connected tripwires to prevent intruders from reaching they're masters territory.


Avarice will fight Fury by simply doing single or double claw swipe which can easily be avoided by dodging. Avarice can also jump high to either avoid Fury's attacks or to ground pound her. He can also leap to Fury's position and slam his fists into the ground in an attempt to damage her. Occasionally, Avarice will jump to one of the pillars and throw the junk at her. This can be avoided by dodging or hiding behind the junk pillars. Avarice will then slam his fists to the ground while jumping from the pillars. After he loses one-third of his health, he will equip either a cow skull or a fridge and use it as a weapon. He will either do a single or double swipes or slam down attacks at Fury. After a couple of tries, the weapon will break and Avarice will equip himself with another weapon. This will repeat until Avarice is defeated.