Darksiders Wiki
AshwormAn Ashworm before eating War
Type of Creature Abyssal Creature
Mode of Travel Tunneling
Genders Female
Additional Features Gigantic worms that burrow through the Ashlands. Cannot be killed until later on.
Racial Status
Affiliation Hell
Noticeable Members The Stygian
Weapons Their mouths, devour their prey.
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

Ashworms are very large worms that inhabit the Ashlands, burrowing and tunneling underneath the sands. The Ashlands are infested with these creatures, making traversing the ground incredibly dangerous and almost impossible on foot. War must use the various platforms around the land to get around at first.

Appearance and Difficulty[]

When war first arrives at the Ashlands, there is no way to fight the Ashworms, instead he must outmaneuver them or be devoured. To avoid certain death, War must use Chronospheres to activate his Chronomancer ability and slow down time - escaping their grasp. Throughout the Ashlands are various platforms constructed by the demons. War must take advantage of these as the Ashworms are unable to attack him unless he is on the ground.

It is possible that the Ashworms communicate through some kind of loud and echoing whistle noise, as when War first explores the Ashlands, the noise can be heard throughout the Ashlands and when an Ashworm is near. Also, the Stygian uses the same kind of noise to summon infant Ashworms to aid it in battle.

Once War is reunited with Ruin, his steed, Ashworms are not only able to be outrun, but defeated.

The largest of the ashworms is the Stygian who is one of the Chosen. Once reunited with Ruin, War will be able to outrun the ashworms and Ruin is key to killing them.

The demons of the Ashlands try to capture and imprison the Ashworms and make them fight in arenas.


The Stygian, King of the Ashworms

Strategy for Killing[]

When fighting the Ashworms make sure to stay on Ruin the whole time and boost as the Ashworm comes after you. When it opens its mouth, focus your camera at the Ashworm, target the most noticeable part and rain down bullets with Mercy . Please note that the Stygian is more complicated to kill.