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Wrath of War
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One of the seven pieces of the Armageddon Blade.
Darksiders ingame description
Armageddon Blade shard

The Armageddon Blade Shards are collectible items featured in Darksiders.

After the six of The Seven Seals were shattered with the Armageddon Blade, Abaddon ordered the blade to be destroyed and it's shards scattered throughout the broken world in a Shadow Realm, where no one would be able to find them. During his quest for vengeance and redemption, War was instructed by Azrael to find the shards of the blade and return to Ulthane for the blade to be reforged and give War the tool he needs to kill the Destroyer.


They are the pieces required to be collected before the Armageddon Blade can be reforged by Ulthane. There is a total of 7 shards scattered throughout the Destroyed City, requiring the use of the Mask of Shadows in order to collect each shard.