Armageddon ulthane

The Armageddon Blade in Ulthane's hands.

Re-forged by Ulthane, the Armageddon Blade is the only weapon powerful enough to slay the Destroyer.
— Ingame description

Armageddon Blade, the Ultimate Blade - to acquire it, the player must assemble its seven Armageddon Blade Shards that have been scattered throughout the Destroyed City to be re-forged by Ulthane. Superior to War's Chaoseater, the Armageddon Blade is generally the ultimate tool to destroy your enemies.


The Armageddon Blade was forged by Ulthane at the request of Abaddon as part of his plan to destroy six of the Seven Seals to start the Apocalypse early without the Horsemen interfering as part of his plan to win the war against Hell. After Azrael used the sword to destroy the first six seals, Abaddon shattered the sword and scattered the fragments throughout the Destroyed City, hiding them in the Shadow Realm.

War began the search for the shards after all of the Chosen are defeated and Azrael was freed from The Black Throne. His search began when he received a vision of the Blade from the Tree of Knowledge in Eden, along with its hilt. Using the Mask of Shadows, War found the rest of the shards hidden within various areas of the Destroyed City and had Ulthane reforge it before wielding it against the Destroyer.


The Armageddon Blade is regarded as the ultimate weapon in the game and is the only weapon powerful enough to kill the Destroyer. Unlike the Chaoseater, however, it cannot be equipped with Enhancement and once obtained it replaces the Chaoseater and can not be changed back. In addition it does not seem to function differently from Chaoseater and its power is tied to the story instead of the gameplay.

Though it can't be equipped with Enhancement, The Armageddon Blade seems to carry a HP leech effect, similar to the Legendary enhancement, Death's Blessing or Bloodthirst, and does more damage than the Chaoseater by virtue of being at Level 5. It might be that the last power equipped to the Chaoseater will be transferred to the blade, though this need to be tested. Furthermore, the blade also served as a pseudo-Chaoseater, making full use of all passives related.


  • The Armageddon Blade serves as a touchstone in the game. Its use first started the game and its second use summoned the Horsemen to continue the series.
  • Ulthane described the Blade as his "greatest creation" before War brought it to him to be reforged, which both agreed was an even greater feat.


Armageddon Blade (Darksiders) Full HD

Armageddon Blade (Darksiders) Full HD