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Uriel's Sword

Angelic Sword is a melee weapon wielded by most Angels - from regular Angels to Archangels. It is very powerful and has some magical abilities such as being able to create lightning, as shown by Uriel. Not much more is known about this sword, however they do vary visually.

Notable users[]


Abaddon sword fallen

Abaddon's sword is very slim and has no cross-guard. Due to its overall shape it resembles a Japanese Katana. Moreover the blade is decorated with angelic runes / glyphs.


Uriel scene48

Uriel's sword is a massive double-edged blade which is split into two through its length. The blade itself is merged with cross-guard and hilt so it is very hard to distinguish these particular parts of the sword. The overall shape is very unique and futuristic thus making it hard to compare it to any known sword.