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Angelic Lance
An Angelic Lance
Caption An Angelic Lance
Type of Weapon Melee and Ranged
Weapon Range Decent melee range, Doubles as a ranged weapon, can fire a decent range and can fire several shots rather quickly.
Player Obtainable Yes (Temporarily when on the Ortho.)
Abilities Can fire energy bolts, can be charged for a more damaging attack (Ortho).
Color(s) Gold and white.
Additional Features Commonly used as a ranged weapon despite its appearance.
Used by Angel Soldiers
User Affiliation Heaven
Lethality Minor, Can be dangerous if there are multiple soldiers firing. Ortho's lance can charge beam for devastating damage.
Frequency of Appearance Frequent, whenever Angelic Soldiers appear.
Game Appearances Darksiders

The Angelic Lance is the most common weapon used by Heaven's angelic forces. As the name implies, the Angelic Lance looks similar to a lance, but upon closer inspection one can see there is a small barrel underneath the blade. The Lance, despite looking like a melee weapon, is more commonly used as a ranged weapon, as it is able to fire energy bolts.

The lance is not that deadly (In most difficulties) when it's just one, however Angel Soldiers almost always appear in packs, together the rapid beam fires can easily burn down War's health.


Light Angel[]

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The lance is always found in the possession of the standard Angel soldier. They will begin fights from afar by aiming as though the lance were a rifle and firing about six shots at War. Angel Soldiers almost always appear in packs, so while one does not cause a large amount of damage, three or four at once can easily take down an entire bar full of health. The Angels will switch to melee attacks if in melee range of War. This attack is significantly weaker.

Lances disappear upon their wielder's death, as do their wielder's bodies.


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During the game, War will eventually commandeer an Ortho from the angelic forces, It is armed with a special version of the lance that can fire charged beams for devastating affects. The rapid beam fire is still present, but during the ride on the Ortho it is advised to use the charged beam when possible. War does not keep the lance after riding the Ortho- this is the only time in the game War uses the weapon.