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The Angelic Champion is a stronger verson of the Angel enemies and is the fifth boss of Darksiders III.


The Angelic Champion is basicly a larger verson of the Angel enemies found in game, only instead of a gun, it carrys a sword and shield in battle.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Angelic Champion posses standered abilities like the Angels, such as being able to fly with his wings, but the Angelic Champion posses new set of weapons that the regular Angle enemies don't have, with the sword he can do sword combos and create a blue energy blast that travauls across the ground, with the shield he can block his enemies' attacks or do a melee strike with the shield.


After Fury disposes a series of Angel enemies, the Angelic Champion will come crashing down and fight Fury head on, in this battle the Angelic Champion will attack Fury with a wide assortments of moves, he can do a quick sprint and charge towards Fury and do a glowing upper sword slash, a glowing sword jab, do a two slash glowing sword combo after banging his weapons agents each other or do a series of a combos with ether of his sword abilities, with the shield he can block certain attacks from Fury if she attacks too often or do a quick shield jab at Fury.

After losing around half of his HP, the Angelic Champion will gain a new attack, he will fly in place and charge up his sword, and then after a while he will slam his sword down and launch a light blue colored light-like energy blasts that traverses across the ground.


  • The Angelic Champion fights in a similar manner to the Champion enemies found in-game, except he can sprint and also posses new attacks that the Champion enemies don't have.
  • Not counting the four Chosen enemies found in Darksiders III as they have a near identical appearance and are optional, the Angelic Champion is the first and only boss in the game to be basically a larger version of an enemy.
  • The Angelic Champion is one of the two main bosses in Darksiders III to not be brutally defeated by Fury, as he simply backs off after Usiel calls out to Fury, the second being Usiel himself.