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Angel Champion
Ds angelicfigures10An Angel Champion.
Type of Creature Angel
Mode of Travel Self-Propelled Flight
Genders Male
Eyes Yellow
Hair Colors Unseen
Additional Features Very bulky, Heavy assault enemy, Carries a massive shield and sword and can deal rather hard damage. Gold wings.
Racial Status
Affiliation Heaven
Occupation Elite Soldiers of the Hellguard.
Partner(s) Commonly seen with several Angel Soldiers or another champion.
Weapons Angel Champion Sword, Angelic Shield
First Appearance
Debut Darksiders

Angelic Champions are Large Angelic warriors wielding a huge shield along with a sword made of energy, these holy hulking juggernauts are far stronger than their normal soldier counterparts. Their wings are gold rather than blue in order to show their rank in the celestial hierarchy.

Angel Champions are the second strongest type of angel, bested only by Storm Wardens and archangels including Abbadon, Uriel and Azrael.

Appearances and Difficulty[]

Angelic Champions are almost always found accompanied by several Angel Soldiers or another Angel Champion. Unlike the Soldiers, the Angelic champions can be very deadly on their own. Their swords are about the range of War's melee attack with Chaoseater, and they can take three hits from Chaos Form before death. Angel Champions can rise up into the air an


War about to fight an Angelic Champion

d smash back down, leaving a small shockwave of energy in the area, which can inflict a massive amount of damage if War is in the attack's radius.

Angel Champion

Angel Champions are seen several times throughout the game, Most noticeably during War and Ulthane's "Pigeon Plucking" contest. They are distinguished by the large golden energy swords, massive shields, and gold wings that they have and should be dealt with cautiously.

Tip: During the "Angel Plucking" contest, try to carry a Redemption Cannon to kill your enemies faster. Moving around and evading attacks will not be a problem with your dash. Charge the cannon to deal with crowds.

In Darksiders II, Death fights a number of these Angels in the Ivory Citadel, though these particular Champions are Corrupted and lack shields.