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Aganosh or The Keeper of Flame, is one of the guardians of the Void. after Fury attained the Flame Hollow, she progressed through the fire wing and faced him.


Not much is known about Aganosh before Fury finds him, but it is known that he's the guardian of the fire wing of the Void.

After he fights, and is killed by, Fury, his body and powers are merged with Ionos.


Aganosh looks exactly like his fellow guardians, but he glows orange, signifying his role as the flame guardian.


Much like his fellow guardians, Aganosh doesn't speak or communicate in any way. He does show anger when he fights, but aside from that, he shows no personality traits.

Powers and Abilities[]

Aganosh possesses powerful fire based attacks. these attacks rang from punches to sweeping attacks. He can also project explosions directly where Fury is.


During the first part of the fight, Aganosh uses flame punches and sweeping attacks. After he's lost a certain amount of health, he'll fall to the ground, but will then create a giant explosion, which can be dodged. This happens twice and he only has half health by this time.

During this part of the fight, he'll begin to use an attack that hones in on Fury's position and creates an explosion in that spot. He'll also start producing smaller charged explosions and launches his fist like a rocket and retracts it back.


  • Aganosh is the first guardian you face.
  • During the battle, if you have the Flame Hollow equipped, Aganosh will absorb it to power up.