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Shard of Adamantine

Adamantine is a synthesis material elements which can be collected throughout the darksiders universe as you travel the broken Earth. Through its acquisition and turn over to Ulthane, he will smelt it down and use it to augment Fury's arsenal.


Adamantine is stated to be a nigh indestructible metal discovered by the Makers in the process of building the cities of Heaven and Hell. A cursory examination of it's properties revealed that it was nearly indestructible so naturally when the time came to start forging weapons of war for angel and Demon alike there was no other material that would do.

Fury can find broken bits Adamantine weapons while on her journey to apprehend the Seven Deadly Sins. They are usually found sequestered across the battlefield of Earth as well as hiding in plain sight while on her quest. Most variants can also be bought from Vulgrim using souls or Targon using Crucible Tokens.


Adamantine's main uses is as a forging substance to fashion as well as reinforce the weaponry forged by the armies of Heaven and Hell. It is often used by the other elder races for different purposes beyond strengthening warfare, like the fabrication or enchantment of a great many various relics and magic items utilized in story by their protagonists. In fury's case, she can turn over collected pieces of which to the Maker of Haven and they will embolden her Nephilim crafted weapon; Scorn and her angelic Crossblade Salvation for her.

Adamantine comes in five variants which is used to increase the power of Scorn's transformations as the game progresses.

  • Sliver's of Adamantine - Used to augment Fury's Weapons to +3
  • Fragment’s of Adamantine - Used to augment Fury's Weapons from +4 to +6
  • Piece’s of Adamantine - Used to augment Fury's Weapons +7 to +9
  • Chunk's of Adamantine - Used to augment Fury's Weapons to +10
  • Wicked Adamantine - Used to augment Fury's Weapons from +11 to +13


  • The Word adamantine has it's origins in Ancient Greek Adamant meaning strong or indestructible. Adamantium is a metal used to forge various weapons used by Greek's gods and heroes in their journey's.