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Death: Even I know the name Achidna. Why do you seek her death?
Thane: An old debt, forged before your time.

— Death and Thane speaking about Achidna

Achidna is a giant spider creature and one half of a boss in Darksiders II and part of the side mission Thane's Quest.



Achidna was a beast feared throughout the realms, even Death had heard of her. She once ruled the shadow realm Ysilik "where the sisters sightless spin their webs." She once had an encounter with Thane and because of this "old debt" the Maker sought to kill her.

He tracked her to her home only to discover her throne bathed in blood, the spider lords already fighting over succession. Thane relentlessly hunted her throughout the Dead Plains but the Forge Lands came under attack by Corruption and he had to leave the debt unpaid.

Darksiders II[]


Darksiders 2 Basileus and Achidna Apocalptic-0

While in the Psychameron on his quest to retreive Basileus for the Dead King Death discovered that Achidna had become the pet of Basileus. Death killed her to subdue Basileus and as a reward received Achidna's Fangs.


  • Achidna's appearance is near identical to Silitha, a boss from Darksiders, albeit with a different colour scheme and battle style.
  • Achidna is the only one of the monsters of Thane's Quest whom it is necessary to kill to complete the main quest. All of the others require exploration.