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Abyssal Gladiator: You disappoint me, Horseman. You look quite small from up here.
War: You can look me in the eye when I kill you.

— War and the Abyssal Gladiator

The Abyssal Gladiator is the Leader of the Ashlands Demons and the final opponent War must face in the Ashlands Arena. He is much more heavily armored, and rides atop Ruin, War's own steed who was captured and enslaved by demons following War's defeat by Straga.


The Abyssal Gladiator's history is unknown, as with most demons. He is the final challenge War must face in the Arena. When the two engage in their duel, He rides out upon War's former steed Ruin, who was captured by the demons following War's defeat in the start of the game.


Let's see how you fare Horseman. With only two legs to carry you!
— The Gladiator taunts War

Following an exchange of taunts, The Gladiator engaged War in battle atop Ruin. He was eventually outmatched, despite being atop the steed, and was dismounted by War and tossed across the arena, disarmed as well as being stunned from the attack. War however was not going to take advantage of his weakened and disarmed state, kicking the Gladiator back his sword to continue their duel.

The Gladiator taunted War throughout the fight, using both physical strength and magic to his advantage, However in the end War was victorious. Too weathered and beaten to continue, the gladiator began to slow. Keeping true to what he had told the Gladiator, War severed both of the Gladiator's legs, then by grabbing him via his collar, he looked the Gladiator in the eyes as he impaled him upon Chaoseater, killing him before he tossed him to the ground.