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Abyssal Constructs are an enemy archetype that appears in the Darksiders II DLC: The Abyssal Forge.


Abyssal constructs are the creation of the Abyssal Forge, a sentient construct that is in turn the creation of the Undead Maker known as The Mad Smith. The Forge was designed the channel the power of the Abyss into it's constructs, unfortunately as Abyssal energies are effectively the essence of insanity the Forge is even more made than it's creator.

It's ambition is to spread it's progeny to other worlds and through them construct more Abyssal Forges. Trapped inside of the Shadow Lands it continues to build it's army in anticipation of the day where it can escape into Creation at large.

Darksiders II[]

Death fell into the Shadow Lands, became aware of the purpose of the constructs and had non of it, eliminating every construct he came across while he searched for Chaos Ore the Mad Smith needed to help him reach the forge itself.

Traits and Powers[]

The physical traits and powers of the Abyssal Constructs are quite similar to normal constructs except that they are more powerful, improved and can wield the power of fire.