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"All of creation cares not whether you live or die."
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Sometimes the birds win. Sometimes the Bats. Balance. But the Traitor... The Traitor wants more.

Abraxis was a respected emissary of the The Destroyer. On Earth, his task was gathering demonic powers in the Scar and overseeing the construction of the Black Throne.[1] The Lord of the Hollows tasked Fury with killing Abraxis and bringing his soul to him to be hollowed. Fury has the choice of either killing Abraxis or The Lord of the Hollows.[2]


You're a clever woman. It takes but one eye and half an ear to tell, so I'll give it to you straight. That will be the home of a very important Demon... someone who will win this war once and for all. And I will stand by his side. The Traitor doesn't like that. The Traitor fears change. Heh "Better the devil you know" and all that...

Abraxis, in his own words, deals in class. Upon learning about the coming of The Destroyer he immediately set about gathering together a small army of demons to construct the Black Throne intending to position himself as The Destroyer's right hand man.

In the process though, he became a pawn to a much stronger Demoness, Lilith. Lilith told Abraxis that the Lord of the Hollows was a traitor who sought to ascend to god hood and remake creation in his image: Hollow.

Seeking his mistress's favor and looking to eliminate a threat to his own life Abraxis started to hunt for the Lord of Hollows, which caused the former Council agent to plot against him.

Therefore when one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Fury, made her presence known in his throne room informing him that his rival sent her to kill him he elaborated further on their relationship and what little he knew about the Lord, specifically the lie he had been told to do Lilith's bidding.

Fury is then given the option to fight him and bring his soul to the Lord of the Hollows or spare him.

Should Fury decide to spare Abraxis, the Demon shows gratitude and states that she is welcome within his fortress anytime.

Personality and traits[]

Hmm... a Demon who speaks true. Now, I have seen everything... but Abraxis did not.
— The Lord of the Hollows

Abraxis speak in a polite and respectful, if not cultured, tone even when Fury encounters him he did not attack even after learning that she was sent to kill him and chose to solve matters through talking things out. However, while Demons are considered vile and impossible to trust, Abraxis never did lie to Fury when informing her of the Lord of Hollows' plans, making him one of the few Demons who spoke true.

He tends to refer to himself in the third person. He's also very perceptive, quite possibly spotting Envy in her Watcher disguise on the first meeting. Despite this however, The Lord of the Hollows states he'd missed something important in this cosmic drama. Indicating that while the Traitor had seen everything from a different perspective Abraxis was blind to the whole truth.

Powers and Abilities[]

No demon can outclass me.

Abraxis was a powerful demon from the upper echelon of Hell's ranks.[3] The Lord of the Hollows evalaute his existence on Earth as threat for Earth himself. Watcher (Envy) was worried Abraxis could to powerful and comments Furys attempt to confront him as "stupid".

Fighting Abilities[]

Abraxis was a master swordsman with a natural affinity for lightning and fire attacks. He can inflame his swords or cover with lightning and prefers a "fierce" dual sword style.

Abraxis flamingswords

Abraxis with inflamed dual swords.

  • Stab Attack: Abraxis lunge, using his swords to perform a wide-ranging stabbing attack.
  • Rotating Attack: Abraxis leaps, closed distance quickly and performed a rotating slam attack with his pair of swords.
  • Sword Throw: Abraxis occasionally throw his swords. They spin in place for a few seconds before returning to him.
  • Lightning/Fire Blow: The sword is hold above head-level and is brought down on target, a lightnig strike hits and creates a small fire explosion.
  • Lightning/Fire Pillar: Abraxis can quickly summon ligthning pillars, creating a similiar, yet greater fire explosion.
  • Lightning/Fire Wave: Abraxis channeled lightning and performs a ranged attack with his dual swords, sending a destructive wave of lighnting and fire energy.

Physcial Abilities[]

Should superior to all lower ranked demons on Earth. Despite his size he can quickly close distance. Toss Fury around one-handed and was able to "pull the organs" out of the Hollowlords "backside", by his own words.

  • Lightning Absorption: Can use his own lightning strikes on himself to amplify his physical abilities in order to improve his overall combat performance. In this state his eyes are glowing bright red permanent.



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